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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of David Quan Bui’s final creation, we nod to our past and push into the future. The original Tica was a progressive kite with a wild side, and for 2020 the Skyburner Team is releasing a dynamic team kite with an extensive sail and full trick capability. Boasting an almost 9 foot wingspan, the new 2020 Tica pays homage to its predecessor with smooth flight and unbelievable sail pressure down to the lightest winds and adds further predictability, accessibility, and unrivaled nimbleness for an oversize sport kite. The new Tica excels in slides and precision, with an unmatched pitch capability in mild to high winds. We’re bridging the smooth old school feel with accessibility in our modern trick world: and the Tica’s undeniable presence at the end of any pilots lines is here to show it.

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Buy both standard and ultra light, get $50.00 off.

Designed by Devin Cobleigh-Morrison and Jon Trennepohl — produced by Skyburner Kites. Updated graphics and original concept in remembrance of David Quan Bui.


If you would like a TICA2020 in a custom colored sail, start here: TICA2020 Colorizer

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