Spiderkites Lycos 3.0 - Advanced Sport Kite

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Spiderkites Lycos 3.0 - Advanced Sport Kite

It’s finally here. The kite you’ve waited for and wanted for a long time: Spiderkites Lycos 3.0. With a wingspan of 3meters and an aspect ratio of 5 it’s not just fast but gives you a pretty good workout, too. Of course, to feel the full force of the kite fly it in strong winds. But the Lycos 3.0 is so large that it will challenge you even in lighter winds. At last, there is an inland Lycos.

Like the smaller variations, Lycos 3.0 is built out of durable nylon. A high efficient airfoil works under the hood and the efficient bridle helps you get the power to the sky, safe and sound.

Comes in a deluxe messenger bag.

Lycos 3.0
Flat Wing Span 9'10"
Height 2'5"
Cells 22
Wind Range 6-28 mph.
Line Recomended 300 lbs / 2 x 125 ft
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