Sky Shark P Series Tubes-Blems

Sky Shark Competition Air Frames
The Sky Shark P Series Straight Competition Air Frames.
These tubes are the same as our regular tubes, but we found them not acceptable to sell as first quality tubes. This means that they have cosmetic flaws on them. Great for kites or hobby items where visual detail is not important.



Tube Specifications:
Tube Inches CM Grams O.D. I.D. Wall
P90 32. 81.2 10.5 0.275 0.244 0.015
P100 32.5 82.6 13.0 0.280 0.244 0.018
P200 32.5 82.6 14.5 0.284 0.244 0.020
P300 32.5 82.6 17.0 0.292 0.244 0.024
P400 32.5 82.6 18.5 0.298 0.244 0.027
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Great service also comes with this product.Being able to buy from someone with knowledge,exsperience and an obvious love for what they do makes a world of diffrence to the kite flyers and buyers.Marieanne helped me choose the P series for a project we were trying and we have found the product,p200,p400,FANTASTIC. Thanks Marieanne,Regards BRIAN UK....
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Timely responses to my questions prior to ordering! Order has been placed.....will review the product once I receive it.
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