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Quad line your Dual
New Q Flaps for dual line kites. What are Q Flaps? They are a set of triangular flaps made out of 3/4 oz ripstop nylon, that can be attached to any dual line kite by velcro loops on to the lower spreaders, surrounding at least one of your stand off holders.

Once attached they swing outward when pulled by the bottom set of flying lines, attached to the lower side of the Quad handles your are now flying with. The top lines on the handles are attached to the normal pigtails of your kite. If the length of the bottom lines are adjusted right you are flying your dual line kite from the top lines like normal. When you pull out on the bottom of the handles you are pulling the bottom lines which pull out the flaps attached to the bottom spreader of your kite. By doing this you are changing the angle of attack on your kite and also creating drag on the lower side of your kite by the flaps coming outward. The effect of this can make flying your dual line kite quite amazing.

What will this enable you to do differently with your kite:

  1. You have the ability to stop your kite in any part of the wind window.
  2. You can be at the top of the wind window and bring your kite right back down to the ground from original take off position.
  3. You can be going toward the ground nose first and stop the kite and reverse upward and out.
  4. By rotating your hands as you fly you can do in place roll turns.
  5. In good wind you can learn to reverse flight.
  6. You can reverse launch from nose position.

When you fly with the Q Flaps for a while you will learning something new every time you go out to fly. With the new tricks that have come about in the past years along with the use of the Q Flaps it makes for some very interesting advances in kite flying for such a simple attachment. You need more wind than usual to use the flaps and make them work right. Most dual line flyers find that when the wind comes up it gets harder to control the kite when doing the tricks. This is a perfect time for the Q Flaps.

These will bring you new challenges when flying your dual line kite.

Original design Ray Hatchet --Redesign by Jon Trennepohl . Sails sewn by Heads Up Kites, Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis. Made in the U.S.A.

quad line handles

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