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Nasawing quad

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This is a very versatile kite and is suitable for both beginner and experienced quadline kiters. This kite is professionally built with very carefully selected stitches and hidden reinforcements. It’s built to last with industry standard 0.75oz Ripstop Nylon with Spectra bridles that won't stretch.

Size: 1.7m square meter

Speed: Same as a 1.5 Framed Quadline kite 

Just for fun, this kite is built to fly at the same speed as a standard Rev1.5, so you can even team up with them at any time and you will quickly realise you do not have to change kites when the wind range changes. It comes with a convenient and compact bag that keeps your kite, handles and line together for quick deployment. Tip: We typically keep the lines attached to the kite and have it hand-reeled onto the same handles you fly.


Solo flying: 90/100lb x 100ft 

Team flying : 90/100lb x 120ft

Solo flying: 90/150lb x 100ft 

Team flying : 90/150lb x 120ft


8 mph to whatever!

Experienced flying: 200lb x 100ft

Handles and lines sold separately

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