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The Fulcrum.85 Vented is the next evolution of the Fulcrum family. Utilizing the same cutting edge design approach while further refining the details, we have condensed the essence of the Fulcrum into an even more focused quad line sport kite - dialing it in to a higher frequency.

Wind Range - 8mph - 25mph / 12kph - 40kph

Vented panels shown in light grey

Scaling the design expands its trick capably, generating faster rotations with greater ease and agility. Combinations of tricks with Dead Launches and Fades are standard. Yo-Yo’s, Flick-Flacks, Lazy Susan’s, Flat Spins / 540’s, and even 720’s are all easily accessible. Forward and reverse speed is exhilarating. Turn rate is incredible. Change of direction is sharp and immediate. The Fulcrum.85 is simply awesome to fly.

The Fulcrum.85 retains all the finesse and subtlety of the larger model with the same exacting precision, solid tracking and huge wind-window. You feel the same positive feedback on the lines with less pull, making it simple for the newcomer to fly - thanks to the 3D sail - allowing the kite to launch from any orientation. Like the larger model, the Fulcrum.85 benefits from the interchangeable Sky Shark carbon spar combinations.

The world’s most capable sport kite, evolved.



If you are ordering Custom Colors for your Fulcrum.85, the colorizer is here: https://skyburner.com/fulcrum-85.html

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